Testimonials For North Shore Tree and Landscaping of Long Island, NY


Just wanted to thank you and Scott and Aurelio for working with Chip on this project, the garden is spectacular!! It was great that Scott could take some of Chip's ideas and then use his own artistic designs to build the rock garden around the pond.  

Also, thank you to Scott for the plant recommendations.
~Kathy C


As a property manager who interacts with numerous contractors of all phases of property maintenance, it is my distinct pleasure doing business with your organization.

I have been hearing nothing but praise from our Board members and from residents about the job you’ve been doing at our various properties. Your extensive knowledge of tree health has helped them make well-informed decisions regarding overall tree care. I’m sure that will be seen for years to come. Your professional, dependable staff has made our responsibilities so much easier because when our communities are pleased, we are pleased.

Thank you, once again, for your continued assistance. It is greatly appreciated.
~ Natalie H

My property looks gorgeous this morning. It is truly a pleasure to stroll through the gardens. I sound as though I have a massive estate. Not necessary, the beautiful new areas, the rich plantings, the fresh soil, and the devoted labor of those who reaped and sowed, all that is much appreciated. And, by the way, those heavy rocks look amazing in the front garden. If ever, Leighton you feel so inclined, I think that one more rock that appears strait-up, kind of like a monument would look splendid. Just an idea. There's always room for one more. Thus spake the crazy gardener who basically hasn't any absolutes for her garden room. Thanks again. Quite a job. Quite a lovely sight!!

~ Rochelle L